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Happy Cleaners (2019)

Feature Length Film


Happy Cleaners is about the Choi Family living and surviving in Flushing, Queens. We observe the day-to-day lives of the Choi Family members as they navigate through their respective struggles, cultural clashes, inner angst, all while trying to keep the family dry cleaning business afloat.


What is beautiful about HAPPY CLEANERS is that, by the end, the film doesn’t posit that everything is great for the Choi family. What it does, and does well, is show how the growth of each character impact everyone else around them.
—Jeremy Gaudette


When tensions bubble over, the family business is threatened, and the Choi’s are on the verge of burning bridges between one another, they must break through barriers in order to save what matters most to each of them — happiness, understanding, acceptance and family.

— Brian Ray

Through its dedication to capture and preserve the stories of the Korean-American experience, it was kismet that has greenlit Jebby Productions’ feature length narrative film, Happy Cleaners, a quintessential story about a Korean- American family. as Executive Producer and Jebby Productions seek to empower those within the Korean-American community whose voices have not traditionally been heard before by bringing the stories into the limelight.   

The Choi Family
Kevin and Grandma
Kevin Choi
Make Ends Meet
Hyunny Choi
Dad and Kevin

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